Los Angeles – Southeast Asia

Stop #5 out of 35: Koh Tao, Thailand

Photos taken April 2016.

IMG_9416 (1)

Koh Tao Island, Thailand


Koh Tao – often referred to as “Turtle Island” – attracts thousands of travelers and expats thanks to affordable diving courses, clear waters, and carefree lifestyle. With hundreds of dive schools employing English-speaking instructors, it is likely that you will meet more expats residing here than local Thai.


Every night, we visited “Mamas” – a small shack with loads of repeat customers – for cheap, top-notch Thai cuisine. Pictured is an order of stir-fry chicken and vegetable noodles made from the most endearing and genuine  Thai mama we’ve met yet.


Our last day of instruction was graced with an illuminating sunset, our new four-legged friend, and Chang beers. We are now open-water certified! 

Spending the rest of the evening at a local bar recapping our dives with video footage courtesy of Bobcat, our videographer from Mojo Divers, was a brilliant end to our trip on Koh Tao…or so we thought.

 The following day was the Songkran Festival.


Songkran Festival 2016 – Thailand’s annual New Year festival, officially celebrated on April 13th – encourages a myriad of people out on the streets for a day (or days!) of celebration. This colossal water fight uses an unfathomable amount of water, white minty paste locals smear on faces, and music blasting from all areas.


The streets were filled with local vendors selling water guns, backpacks, and plastic waterproof phone cases. Restaurants and shops – closed for the day – set up water refill stations for everyone to join in on the fun.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.13.09 PM

Coke can in one hand and water gun in the other…this kid means business. Be warned.


Final sunset before departing the island, just like sunset here every night.


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