Los Angeles – Southeast Asia

Stop #4 out of 35: Bangkok, Thailand

Photos taken April 2016.


Midday commute at Siam Paragon.


Rose apple fruit, usually in season May to June. It’s crisp and the flavor is subtle, not too sweet.


Public boat ride to the Grand Palace.


Hopping on a “free” government tuk tuk ride to a giant golden Buddha was the first time we got scammed. Immediately following this, we were taken to a travel agency insisting that we book a tour. Still, we were able to appreciate this statue.


Met a local Thai during his lunch break and he directed us to the best mango sticky rice I’ve ever had. The vendor is pictured in the next photo.


Supplier of the greatest mango sticky rice in all of Bangkok.



The public bus in Bangkok cost about 7 Baht ($0.20 USD). Some tuk tuk drivers will charge 200 Baht (roughly $6 USD) for the same distance. This was a really pleasant alternative to private transport. The locals are very kind and gave me a heads up when we arrived at my stop.


This photo of an empty driver’s seat (right-sided!) was taken moments after another vehicle had rear-ended us. The taxi driver went to check it out, but since there was no harm done, we just moved right along.


Tuk tuks patiently waiting for new arrivals.


Rajadamnern Stadium on a Thursday evening. The attendees are approximately 90% men, all betting on the outcome of each fight.


Last piece of toast before departing Bangkok. Stayed at a hostel away from Khao San Road for a quieter residential neighborhood. Every afternoon, students from the school next door visit this hostel and ice cream shop hybrid for a quick treat.


Peace out, Bangkok. Off to the next stop.


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