Los Angeles – Southeast Asia.

Stop #2 out of 35: Portland, OR.  (This is my first blog post. There’s no “Stop #1” because I was way too excited to see Marie, my soon-to-be travel companion for the next 3-months. So much to catch up on, I couldn’t be bothered with documenting it.)

Before embarking on a 3-month backpacking trip across Southeast Asia, I decided to take an extra week venturing up the coast from Los Angeles to Seattle. I took a bus from LA to San Francisco (Stop #1) to meet up with Marie, who was all packed and ready to hit the road. The drive from SF to Seattle was 12 hours. With family in Portland, it was the perfect stop for a good night’s rest. And, a full day of exploring.

Photos taken March 2016


Chai tea to start off our day.



Multnomah Falls


A random outing in Downtown Portland. For a Wednesday night, Swift was packed! It was also the only bar on the street.


Marie showcasing her grilled cheese sandwich right before devouring it in .5 seconds.


A quick stop at Powell’s for a new book before hitting the road again.


A short, but sweet trip in Portland. Off to Seattle.


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